The world needs entrepreneurs, 
more than ever

We are forever grateful to have grown up in developed western countries, to have been able to learn english at school and to have had access to technology at a young age.
But not everyone has had this chance. We are conscious about it. That's why we decided to support charity projects. But not random projects.
Projects that help people from third world countries to get out of poverty, reach independence and work for their dreams thanks to entrepreneurship. 

At Unemployable Apparel, we believe that Entrepreneurship can be the solution to most global issues.

What do you want to give to the future generation ?
A college diploma with a beautiful curriculum vitae and employable skills to make them slave of already established big globalised corporation, to work until burnout and depression for someone else's dream, to keep consuming our earth resources ?  Or do you want to bring the spirit out of each and every children on the planet by giving them hope, by letting them develop their imagination, creativity and their own type of intelligence so they can develop their own projects and find solutions to the local and global issues our century will face ? 

The world needs more than ever people who think creatively, innovatively, critically, independently and with the ability to connect.

We do not have much faith in higher education, but we do have faith in people. Here are the 3 projects we have chosen to support :

The projects we support 

Agripreneurship Alliance

Agripreneurship Alliance's mission is to promote and stimulate youth driven entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness within developing economies of East Africa. They encourage and support young entrepreneurs to establish food-based businesses thus supporting the development of the wider rural community eco-system which in fine contribute to local and global food security.

Why helping Agripreneurship Alliance ?

At Unemployable Apparel, we believe that the more entrepreneurs countries of East Africa will have, the more work they will have for their own population, and the less they will depend on the investment of European countries, the US and China.

Ideas en Accion

Ideas en Accion is an NGO that provide leadership training to young women and encourage them to pursue their learning in science and technology. Two industries mostly occupied by men. They also provide courses to people in Costa Rica who don't have access to English Education. English is fundamental in the professional world and moreover in the entrepreneurship world.

Why helping Ideas en Accion ?

Most of the content you can find on the Internet is in english. The founders of Unemployable Apparel have learnt everything there. So they believe that everyone should be able to learn on the Internet. It all starts with learning English, that's why we help Ideas en Accion.

Entrepreneurship against trafficking

HERA provides entrepreneurship training & mentoring to women survivors of modern slavery, violence and exploitation to enable them to become economically independent. Many young women dream of building better lives and futures. Traffickers exploit these women's economic vulnerabilities and ambitions in order to enslave, torture, and exploit.

Why helping HERA ?

Everyone should be able to work for their dreams, whatever they are. It is the non negotiable and core value of Unemployable Apparel. Slavery, Torture and Exploitation must be fight and abolished. So, hat down to HERA, it is with honour that we help them.

How it works ?

At the end of the financial year, 10% of Unemployable’s annual profit is used to support 3 GlobalGiving projects. The idea is to help people from third-world countries to get out of poverty, reach independence and work for their dreams thanks to entrepreneurship.

When you buy a T-shirt on, you finance these 3 projects.

You can also directly help these NGO by donating here below :

    Agripreneurship Alliance       Agripreneurship Alliance   Ideas en Accion                  Ideas en Accion   Entrepreneurship against TraffickingEntrepreneurship against Trafficking

Unemployable was founded on 19th March 2019. On 10th January 2019, we will share on this page our Income Statement for 2019 and our donations to the projects we support.