For the ones who follow their dreams, not someone else’s...

We are the children’s of that new century. The children’s of that new world. A world connected like it has never been before, and we’re the ones aware of that.

We are the post-millennials. A generation of misfits , the wild youths who refuse to fit in a box, in a close-minded world. We see no races, no boundaries, no limits.

We are the dreamers, the entrepreneurs, the content creators, the artists, the travellers, the college dropouts, who fear nothing but time.

We are the ones who fuck luck, take responsibility and find no excuses.
The ones who refuse to trade their liberty for security.

Join the Movement

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Our Story

Unemployable™ was founded by 4 friends who have been told when they dropped out of college that they would never find a job without a degree.

"As College Dropouts and Entrepreneurs, we designed at first our T-shirts so we could wear it ourselves to express our originality, spread our mindset and perspectives to the world, and hopefully inspire our surroundings. It did far better than we expected. Our friends and the people we met loved the designs and wanted to buy the same.

So we took a decision.

In February 2019, the company Unemployable was founded with a vision. Unemployable Apparel would not just be a traditional clothing brand. The label Unemployable would gather entrepreneurs, creators, artists, travellers and college dropouts in the same movement, and help financially people around the globe who aspire to be free and to express their creativity and ideas through entrepreneurship."

Clement, Axel, Lucas and Andy.